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Saudi Work Visa Process - For Americans

Saudi Work Visa Process - For Americans

US citizens seeking employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need a Work Visa prior to entering the Kingdom.

Obtaining a Work Visa is a complex and lengthy process and may take four to six weeks. Please prioritize this phase of your Application Process. We have described the process in details below.

Step-by-Step Process in detail:

Step 1 - Application, Medical & Visa Forms

Once you have accepted an employment offer from your employer in Saudi Arabia, we will begin the visa process for you and send you all the required forms along with the instructions to complete these forms. 

Step 2 - Medicals

Medicals are required by the Saudi Embassy for Work Visa and for Residency Visa for spouse and children ages 16 and above. 

Schedule an appointment with your physician to complete the medicals required by your Saudi employer and for the medical report for the embassy.

The medical report must be signed & stamped by a licensed physician. The name, license number and address of the physician should appear on each copy. Medical reports should be used within three months from the date of issuance.

The following medical lab test results are required for the embassy:

  • Chest X-Ray and PPD
  • Syphilis Serology (VDRL/TPHA)
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C (if positive, a separate explanation is needed from the physician)
  • Blood Workup and Screening Profile (Hemoglobin, WBC, RBC, Platelets, Cholesterol Panel, Liver Function Tests, Fasting Blood Sugar, Renal Function Tests)
  • Stool Analysis
  • Urine Analysis
  • Pregnancy Test (if applicable)

Once you have all the lab test reports, email them to us. Our physician consultant will review these reports and advise you if any required result is missing. 

Step 3 - Passport Renewal

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least nine months beyond the planned date of entry into the Kingdom and has at least two clear adjacent visa pages. If not, apply for a new passport immediately.

Step 4 - Education Verification

If you are a physician, send us copies of your valid medical license, Residency/Fellowship/American Boards certificate immediately.

All other candidates follow the below guide lines:

Candidates with US credentials:

  • Contact your university/college/school and request your official transcripts and a verification letter. 
  • Your official transcripts must be in a sealed envelope.
  • The verification letter must be on the official school letterhead, should list the program and year of graduation, and should include your social security number, as well as the phone number of the contact person at the Registrar’s office. The verification letter should also state that "The student did not take any online courses towards this degree.". The verification letter must be sent to us in sealed envelopes.

Please mail/email us the following documents immediately:

  • A copy of your degree/diploma/certificate. If your job qualification is based on a High School Diploma, we will need the original diploma.
  • Copy of your practicing license (if applicable)
  • Signed Consent for Release of Information for the Saudi Cultural Mission
  • Copy of your current/valid Passport

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission verifies your credentials, and stamps them as a proof of authenticity. Your visa application can only be submitted to the Saudi Embassy after your credentials have been verified by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission.

Candidates with foreign credentials:

Degree/diploma/certificate issued by an institution outside the USA should show the signature and the seal of the issuing country’s Saudi Consulate or Saudi Cultural Bureau. This process takes at least 1-2 months. Please start this process as soon as possible.

Children's educational credentials:

Expatriates' children planning to attend school (Kindergarten - High School) in Saudi Arabia must have their US school transcripts authenticated by the Saudi Cultural Mission. This process may take 2-4 weeks and should be completed prior to their arrival in Saudi Arabia. Please contact us for more details.

Step 5 - Police Report

Go to your local Police Station and request a Police Clearance Report for yourself.

Saudi Embassy requires an original Police Report. Copies or internet download prints are not accepted by the Saudi embassy.

Step 6 - Mail us your completed documents

Mail the following documents to us (using express/overnight service, preferably FedEx):

  • Completed and signed Visa Application for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • Three copies of Medical Report for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • Medical Lab Test Reports
  • Passport valid for at least nine months with at least two clear adjacent visa pages
  • Four recent passport size pictures (2”x2”) front-face with white background
  • A recent original Police Report
  • Your original signed Employment Contract
  • A release letter from the previous employer, if the applicant has worked in Saudi Arabia before. This applies only if the last employment in Saudi Arabia ended within the last three (3) years.
  • Other Medical or Application Forms (required by your Saudi employer but not a visa application requirement)

Step 7 - Visa Application Submission

We will submit your application (along with all the required documents/items) to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. The embassy usually takes five to seven business days to issue a visa. We will keep you updated about your visa application progress if it takes longer than usual for any reason.

Step 8 - Visa Process Completion

As soon as we receive your passport back from the Saudi embassy with visa stamp, we will mail you your passport back along with other job related and travel documents. We will also provide you a Tracking number so you know when to expect this important package.

Step 9 - Travel Arrangement

We will provide you your travel itinerary for your approval. Once you approve, we will provide you airline ticket or eTicket for your approved travel itinerary.

Step 10 - Final Preparation

Once you receive your eTicket from us, we will provide you all the necessary information and guidance to prepare you for your journey to your new home. 

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