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Nursing Supervisor

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Openings: 1

Contributes to the provision of safe, patient and family focused quality care. 

Advocates for patients and staff in the absence of Nursing Executive. 
Represents Nursing Administration during evenings, nights and weekends. Responsible for the supervision of nursing units. 
Facilitates continuity of established nursing practice/comprehensive nursing care delivery. 
Supports and upholds objectives of Nursing and Hospital Administration and positively promotes Nursing Affairs across organization. 
Contributes to the successful achievement of the Nursing Affairs strategic goals.

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Department Information

Newly constructed Centre For Cancer and Liver Diseases is designed by an American Specialized Company in Health Care Sector with cooperation of Saudi Engineering Office as part of a master plan of our client hospital. 

The facility has 21 floors. Spread over 23,183 square meters, the facility has a capacity of 206 beds for tumor patients, 32 for intensive care, and 43 for liver disease patients.

It has eight hospitalization sections and 22 units for one-day surgeries. 

The center has a radiology-treatment section with the latest equipment, 18 outpatient clinics for tumors, 18 clinics for bone marrow transplants and blood diseases, 14 clinics for liver diseases, and 12 surgery clinics and other clinics for different specialties. The center will also involve medical backup services including physical therapy, dentistry, blood bank and laboratories.  

Until 2009 the hospital dealt with about 67,108 cases, carried out 57,037 chemical treatment sessions, 191,139 radiation treatment sessions, and 2,269 stem-cell transplants.



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