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Consultant Oculoplastics and Orbit Ophthalmologist

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Openings: 1

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The Department of Ophthalmology offers tertiary ophthalmic services through its subspecialty divisions, which include Anterior Segment, Glaucoma, Vitreoretinal, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, Oculoplastics and Orbit, Neuro-ophthalmology, and Uveitis. These divisions are staffed by board-certified ophthalmologists who have graduated from accredited residency training programs and completed a minimum of one-year subspecialty fellowship training at KKESH.

The Departments of Medicine, Anesthesia and Pathology facilitate ophthalmic care by providing essential non-ophthalmic services. These departments are staffed by board-certified graduates of accredited residency and fellowship programs in their fields of specialization.

The Medical Coordination and Eligibility Department reviews all referrals and identifies patients who meet the tertiary care guidelines for care at KKESH. Patients who meet the tertiary care guidelines for care at KKESH may also be accepted through the Screening Clinic or Emergency Room.



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