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About Us

Ben Khan & Associates (commonly known as Ben K) specializes in placing qualified professionals around the globe seeking rewarding career opportunities for the top employers in the middle-east region. We have recruited Head of The Departments, Physicians, Research Scientists, Head Nurses, Nurses, Medical Technologists, Medical Lab Supervisors, Lab Techs, Therapists, Administrative Assistants, Engineers, IT Techs, and many more.

We occasionally visit our client hospitals. This gives us opportunities not only to understand their staffing needs up-close and personal but also allow us to experience and appreciate the culture. We have also built personal relationships with the staff at Saudi embassies. Our staff members have personally met the executives (including Head of the Counselor Sections) at many Saudi embassies.

Our services are designed to give our client employers maximum flexibility to help their organization to locate and recruit top medical industry talent. Our services are free for job seekers applying with us. Apply with us to unlock your professional potential.

Meet our Management Team

  • I am a US licensed physician, a Saudi / US citizen, and educated in Saudi Arabia, UK, and USA. I co-founded Ben Khan & Associates to help qualified healthcare professionals explore the best career opportunities in the middle east region, my homeland.

    My company offers unmatched highest quality services to the healthcare professionals and to the employers in the middle east.

    I have successfully placed thousands of healthcare professionals from around the world to the hospitals in the middle east.

    Saira Al Mansoor, MD
    Saira Al Mansoor, MD at Ben Khan & Associates
  • Ben Khan & Associates helps qualified professionals around the globe seeking rewarding career opportunities for the top employers in the middle east.

    Hi, I am the co-founder of Ben Khan & Associates. I hold a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and a master's degree in Business Administration from USA.

    I am proud to say that my company offers the most technology-advanced and user friendly website (in its class) to the users.

    Register & apply with us to unlock your professional potential.

    Fateh Khan
    Fateh Khan at Ben Khan & Associates

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